6 ways to implement BFL when you can’t start from scratch #2 Powerpoint to posters


Here’s another idea to make it easier to implement brain friendly learning and to move away from ‘death by PowerPoint’ (not that you’d ever be guilty of that but I’ll bet you’ve seen it happen).

As regular readers will know I am a fan of Powerpoint but it’s got to be used well. One of its big disadvantages though is that it’s serial ie when a slide has gone past it’s gone and you can’t see it.  That makes it hard if  you didn’t catch all of it the first time or your memory of it has already faded – you spend a lot of time as a learner trying to work out what was on that slide (which is good use of your memory so not entirely to be devalued) but that distracts you from the current slide or piece of information.

How can you make use of all those slides that you’ve been given (somebody, somewhere spent time and energy putting them together) whilst at the same time stop people feeling like ‘Death by PowerPoint’?

Turn them into posters on the wall and ask people to tour your gallery.   You can get them printed up as A3 size but even a gallery of A4 posters is more fun than a set of powerpoint slides for your audience.

They can tour on their own, absorb information at their own rate and then come back to you with questions.  Not all slides will make good posters but many slides will have a better life as a poster than they ever had as slides – you can take in more information standing at a poster than you can whilst sitting viewing a slide. And the beauty is they can remain up all afternoon if someone wants to check a point or clarify something.

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