24th November 2017 – Brain Friendly Learning Group – London

24th November 2017 – Inspiring Leadership with the Brain in Mind

Date: Friday 24th November 2017
Time: 12:00 – 3:30pm
Location: The Henshall Centre, 5 Glasshouse Walk, Vauxhall, London SE11 5ES

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Just over 10 years ago the advances made in brain imaging technology spurred a leadership revolution the likes of which has never before been seen or experienced.

David Rock, an executive coach in Australia, created the Neuroleadership movement changing the leadership game permanently.

Join Clare Edwards, Director of BrainSmart as we open a flip-top lid on our brains and explore:-

• How we are programmed from evolution to be wary of our environment, our colleagues and our boss
• How our language can inadvertently send someone into dystress without our conscious awareness
• Our need as leaders to be acutely aware of the our core social needs, that, when not met or threatened, can result in disengagement
• Creating an environment for the brains of our people that facilitates connection, creates engagement and develops us as leaders to inspire

Clare qualified in 2013 with an Accredited Diploma in the Neuroscience of Leadership and has been using this cutting edge knowledge to help her clients embrace change, present with confidence, build resilience and change ineffective habits.

*Please note this event has been kindly sponsored by the Henshall Centre and therefore we’re able to offer the fantastic price of just £59 + VAT at a brilliant venue in London!

However this does mean that places are very limited and we can only offer this learning & networking opportunity to 12 people. Book your place now – we don’t want you to miss out.