2nd-4th May 2018 – Neurolanguage Coaching Conference – Edinburgh

Date: 2nd – 4th May 2018

Venue: Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

This conference will be an opportunity to really explore how the learning process can be enhanced and what we, as educators, can do to achieve a better, faster and more efficient learning process with sustainable effects.

Knowing what we now know about the brain and integrating new approaches, styles and techniques, we will explore and bring into discussion what could importantly alter and develop this era of neuroeducation that seemingly has begun.

The 2nd Neurolanguage Coaching Conference will be an interesting forum to bring people interested in neuroscience and education together to share information relating to learning, coaching and neuroscience. This will enable an exchange of information, new insights, networking and brainstorming to take place.

Stella Collins will be speaking at 13:45 on day 2 (Friday 4th May) with the topic ‘Turbo charge your learning – applying ideas from neuroscience to real life learning’.

Full agenda and tickets available on their dedicated website http://www.neurolanguagecoachingconference.com/