3 Tools to Boost the EI of your Learners

IMG_0079What a pleasure it was to have Larry Reynolds at the Brain Friendly Learning Group on Friday in Leeds. The title of his learning session was “3 tools to boost the emotional intelligence of your learners”. I was not entirely sure what to expect, but we were expertly led by Larry to firstly explore the #microskills involved in storytelling.

IMG_2745 The received wisdom in training is to firstly outline general principles and then drill down into the skills, which will underpin these. Larry challenged us to start with microskills and as we struggled to define these, we began a journey cleverly crafted and expertly facilitated.

Asking us 6 questions about a challenging time in our lives helped us to frame the story and allow us to share this story in a focussed, yet authentic way with a partner.

David Marsh from Blue Water Partnership bravely shared his challenging story with the group and we were invited to give him #feedback on his performance. The feedback was the second tool, which then carefully adjusted the microskills he had acquired to improve his performance in the future. Using the E2C2 feedback framework adjusted our feedback skills.

IMG_2755The final tool we discussed was around creating #habits. I often feel that we are like memory foam and no matter how compelling the need to change our behaviour, met with some resistance, we often spring back to the familiar. So this final part of the session saw us discuss how we ensure that the new learning becomes a habit:

  • Declaration – telling others what you will do or making an action plan helps to draw a line in the sand and introduce a new habit
  • Prompt – this can be done in many ways; a give away, peers, line manager – all help to imbed the learning and make it a habit
  • Repetition – repeating something can help put it into long term memory, repeating something can help put it into long term memory, repeating…….ok I will stop now….

IMG_2752Unfortunately the squirrel of destiny nibbled away at the nuts of time and this fantastic session by Larry came to an end….. thanks Larry it was fab!

After a short break we moved on to the Learning Clinic, where Teresa, Peter and David shared their tough L&D problems with the experts in the room and came away with a flipchart each full of solutions!

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If you would like to be part of a vibrant and varied group of L&D professionals in Leeds, where you can learn and get your tough problems solved, then come along to the next Brain Friendly Learning Group meeting on the 23rd of October