6 ways to implement BFL when you can’t start from scratch #1 The big question


Last week at the How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer programme everyone agreed they wanted to make big changes to the way they worked. (Can you hear the cheers?)

But the biggest challenge was how to do that when you’ve already got programmes in place or may be delivering someone elses material.  What can you do to start being brain friendly even when you don’t have the luxury of designing from scratch?

Over the next few weeks we’ll share 6 top tips that work.   

Number 1 is to keep asking yourself this question:

What am I currently doing that I could get the learners to do instead?

It sounds easy but isn’t always obvious because, after all, you may be turning everything you’ve ever done before on its head and it’s going to feel a bit alien.  But take heart you can do it with some quite easy tweaks to get you started and your learners will thank you.

Instead of

  • writing on the flipchart ask the learners to write
  • sticking posters on the wall yourself ask them to do it
  • choosing suitable mood music ask them what they’d like played
  • talking through your key points give them to learners to read out
  • researching a topic give the learner access to your research materials
  • explaining to the learners give them some information and ask them to explain to you
  • thinking about questions to stimulate peoples thinking ask the learners to ask each other questions (only ask you as a final resort)

One of our clients doing technical system training now gives a remote mouse to the learners and asks them to move the system on when they’re ready – they take turns to be in control.  He’s relaxed and can focus on them instead of the system and the learners are engaged and focused on the system.

Next weeks’s tip is about PowerPoint!  In the meantime  listen to what the class of June 2014 learned