6 ways to implement BFL when you can’t start from scratch #6 Pull not push

toy dog to pullThe final tip in this category to help you implement brain friendly ideas without having to completely redesign everything is to use ‘Pull’ rather than ”Push’.  If you know much about influence you may recognise this technique but how do you apply it to training?

If previously you’ve run a by session explaining what it will be about and then you sharing your knowledge (Push) then try this approach instead (Pull)

You will find out what expertise you already have in the room and what you need to add; rather than assuming that nobody knows anything and you’ve got to do all the work.

Here’s a simple way to do it.  Put up 4 flipcharts around the room and on each one pose a question along these lines

  1. what do I know about <insert topic name>?
  2. What do I want to know about <insert topic name>?
  3. What are the barriers to implementing what I currently know?
  4. What are the top tips I’d give someone else about <insert topic name>

As people arrive split them into pairs or small groups, hand out multi coloured pens (preferably scented just to really add to the brain friendly approach) and get them to create a gallery for each other and you.  You can encourage drawing if you think people will have a go.  Give people a limited time on each chart and then move them to another.

Just before you review the activity, brief each group to identify 2 or 3 key ideas that caught their attention and anything they would like explaining.

Then ask groups/ pairs to review 1 chart each.  You’ll be surprised by what comes out, it will help you identify who knows what already and you’ll know what people need to know rather than just what you’ve got to tell them.  You will still be the expert in the room but people will be pulling information from you rather than you pushing it at them .

Which activity do you think will have a stronger effect on learning?