7th November – ‘Make your Learning Stick’ Webinar

On Tuesday 7th November 3:00pm GMT Stella will be speaking on the Mimeo webinar ‘Make your Learning Stick’

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Get Up to Speed on Neuroplasticity
Your brain constantly rewires itself in response to different situations and stimuli, although it’s not always easy. Breaking habits and learning new ones takes time and effort to change the wiring. Of course, nobody has exactly the same wiring patterns but we all have similarities in the way our brains are structured and use similar processes to change them.

Neuroplasticity describes how your synaptic connections and neuronal pathways change in response to the world around you: environment, behaviour, thinking, emotions or physical damage.

How Can You Use This for Corporate Learning?
Using principles of neuroplasticity, you can design your training content to be more sticky and more effective.

In this one hour webinar, Stella Collins – author of Neuroscience for Learning and Development – will get you up to speed on what neuroplasticity is and how you can apply it to your training programs.

Walk away from this webinar having learned:

  • What neuroplasticity is and how it works
  • Its implications for memory and learning
  • 5 simple ways to enhance your learning and training