8 Ways to Save Yourself from Pulling your Hair Out!

Do you ever feel like pulling your hair out because you just can’t think of a better way to get results from your training programmes? Perhaps you need a bit more creative thinking.

Over the coming weeks you’ll receive some top tips with our ‘8 ways to save yourself from…’ series. Here’s the first one – 8 Ways to save yourself from pulling your hair out…

When you focus actively on a problem your frontal cortex tends to be activated, diverting energy and attention from other areas of your brain which are actually more helpful in creativity. When you stop focusing, your default network takes over activating more of your brain in a more diverse pattern, allowing you to connect ideas better.

We asked an artist to share their top tips for thinking more creatively which can be easily applied to all types of creative thinking:

1. Nurture your creative thoughts especially if you are trying to develop your sense of creativity. Value them however odd they may seem to others – that’s often where the best creative thoughts come from. Once you feel more creative you may benefit from some collaborative challenge to your creativity because it can help you take it further.
2. Know the fundamentals or the rules of the game to know how to take an idea from scratch and then you can explore and break the rules. “If you didn’t know a soufflé requires eggs then you’d be a long time creating a fantastic soufflé.”
3. Practice – creative people keep practising; both their creative thinking skills and creative expression. If you take a break from creating it is harder to get back to where you were so do something creative every day.
4. Just do it – get any idea to start with, give it the space to grow, leap from one idea to another; having the first idea is important to having multiple ideas even if that first idea gets discarded.
5. Expose yourself to a diverse and multiple set of experiences to provide lots of input from which to select ideas and create connections. Ask someone completely unrelated to the problem what they think.
6. Observe others – knowing that ideas can be created and how other people do it gives you more ways to be creative yourself.
7. Give yourself time to reflect to provide the motivation to create – once you’ve experienced lots of input your brain needs to process it and create connections – sleep works wonders.
8. Go back to basics because you remove the limits set by pre-design, instructions or pre-conceived ideas.

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Look out for the next blog in the series ‘8 Ways to save yourself from Death by Powerpoint’ coming next week.