‘Be friends with your brain’ by Emilia Krolak

In July 2018 Stella was interviewed by Emilia Krolak from English Matters, a Polish magazine for people keen to learn English.  She shares some thoughts on how to make learning a language more ‘brain friendly’ and therefore more enjoyable and stickier.

‘So, you have been learning English for five, ten, twenty years now. You are making some progress with every passing year, but you also keep forgetting words and phrases, or occasionally lose the motivation to learn. For this reason, you may sometimes have doubts whether you are learning in the best possible way. Educational specialists have recently discovered that if you want to learn something relatively quickly, efficiently and permanently, you must learn in a brain friendly way. But what does this actually mean? To throw some light on the subject, we held an interview with Stella Collins…. click on the link below to download the full article.

Be friends with your brain