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Creative thinking is a cornerstone of effective business, as it helps people to see things differently, to find a solution where none had existed, to shape a path for the future. We are naturally all creative, but sometimes we don’t find the time or space to bring it out at work. One of the best ways to learn creative skills is through art —not to become an artist, but as a way of thinking, perceiving and responding.

This is a must-attend workshop for anyone who is looking to become more creative at work.

At this Masterclass you will explore the following questions by using interactive, art-based learning activities:

What is the nature of creativity? What’s going on in your brain when you’re creative? How can you nurture and stimulate your creativity to respond to the changing world? Does artistic process inspire creativity?

Artists seem to have figured out how to see possibilities in imaginative ways. By studying artists and other creative people to see how they think, we might discover ways to access our own creative abilities. You will explore these ideas with the guest artist, who will share insights from art, neuroscience and psychology and facilitate art-based activities to you to communicate your ideas.

The key learning outcomes from this session:
–  Develop whole-brain thinking skills: integrate artistic and relational thinking with analytical and operational thinking
–  Use ad practise creativity techniques for individuals and groups
–  Explore and recognise some of the research backing up creativity – how it happens and how to improve it
–  Paint a compelling vision of the future and design an action plan for your own creative development and that of your colleagues/ clients

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When: new dates coming soon for the open programme. Give us a call on the number below to bring this programme inhouse.
Time: 9am – 5pm
Where: TBC
Price: £497 + VAT (discounts available for multiple bookings)

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