How can we Make our Case for Brain Friendly Learning within Organisations? #bflg

Guest blog from Abby Oates, Learning & Organisational Development Specialist

Time is increasingly at a premium in organisations. And as brain-friendly learning professionals, this often presents us with a challenge. We can be:

• Asked to shorten our training sessions – whilst continuing to deliver the same learning outcomes
• Called upon to add extra content – often to an already busy session
• Encouraged to get rid of some of the ‘fun’ activities, and replace them with some ‘serious’ content
• Or sometimes organisations just get nervous because we have not got 200 slides of content to deliver

Sound familiar? A recent #BFLG Twitter chat highlighted that alongside time pressures, this is often about people not really understanding brain-friendly learning approaches – and the real tangible benefits they can bring.

It’s a challenge facing both L&D teams within organisations, and external L&D specialists working with clients.

Which prompted a question for me…
How can we best make our case for brain-friendly learning within organisations?
When it comes to persuading, rolling out and embedding brain-friendly learning in organisations:

• What approaches have already worked really well for you?
• What have you learnt when things haven’t gone so well?
• What might ‘great’ look like?
• Is there a way for us to use brain-friendly learning techniques to help make the case?

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas, to help us all build a collectively strong case for brain-friendly learning into the future.

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