Case study: Improving the quality of learning at a European bank

This client is the largest bank in the Baltic States which nearly 3,3 million private customers and over 310`000 businesses have chosen as their partner in financial matters. Today, this bank is a driving force behind the area’s economic and regional development. The bank’s day-to-day work is rooted in its three fundamental values – simple, open and caring.
As part of their values they support and value learning for all their staff and strive to create a learning culture across the business. The bank has a large Learning and Development team devoted to developing everyone within the organisation but they also value technical experts embedded in the business who take time out of their regular role to train and develop colleagues. The Head of the Baltics Academy talked to me about their reasons for introducing brain friendly learning principles across the business.

• Why did you want to train your trainers in brain friendly principles? What did you want to achieve?

Efficiency is our key-word in everything we do. The same with the learning process – learning is an investment and need to ensure great benefit from that. Competence development and competence shift are directly linked with business success and learning culture is supported here for more than 20 years.
With high respect to the time which employees spend in training (out of sales and everyday business) we need to ensure a focused, effective, attractive and sustainable learning process. Our bank uses many tools and a mix of tools to develop competences. When people are self-learning it is important to offer learning which is connected with natural brain work. When we invite people into the classroom then it is important to ensure learning which stimulates new knowledge, behaviour or skills in a very natural way. Besides that, we  like to make learning easy, fun, quick and productive. We see Brain Friendly Training (BFT) approach as the most effective way to achieve our goal of effective learning.

• What measures did you put in place to identify the success of the training?

We have no KPI`s to measure the effect of trainings, but instead we collect success stories and feedback from participants, their colleagues and managers. We see BFT allows learners to pick-up from the training their own insights to use – employees are more motivated to implement new ways of working. We use brain friendly training (BFT) in  our new employee training – in the short term they need to learn maximum information plus the basic skills of sales, products, regulations, customer service. BFT makes this process effective and more light and understandable.
Since we implemented BF approaches in training we observe highest willingness to participate in training; participants spread the information about the training by word-of-mouth and it boosts an open-minded learning culture.

• What tangible results have you seen?

Participants who experience BF training remember more from training, they are willing to share insights and training stories in their teams – it helps to “write-in” learning into brain and skills.
People who experience BFT once expect the same approach in all other trainings – they become more demanding of the quality of the learning process. It boosts internal trainers BFT competence and ensures similar way and level of training across the organisation.

• What do the participants say about the programmes?

The participants in our programmes always express their excitement in what they have learned and their plans for implementing brain friendly principles in their training.

> I think everything was so good, and inspiration was so high.
> This was my ever best training for trainers I have attended. I see that my mind is opened as parachute in order to think how I can try to help my participants to get more from the trainings. After trying only few things I see it really works and brings value.
> Like scientist continue to discover new things about how our brains work, for me it was the same – to discover how we can use it for improving our training.
> Brain Friendly training is truly impressing expedition through your own perception of surrounding world with deep impact on future training programs you are going to conduct.

• Will you continue to use Stellar Learning as a service provider and why?

The BF approach is the future of our learning culture. We try to pass it on through “generations” of internal trainers – experienced BF trainers work as mentors for new trainers. When they become more experienced we offer them Stellar Learning’s BFT workshops as a way to reinforce what they’ve learned already and to reward them. To ensure the next level of BF trainers’ competence we will continue to collaborate with Stellar Learning and add some additional masterclasses to build further. We’ve already had Masterclasses in telling stories through visual graphics which have inspired our trainers to sell ideas and concepts creatively across the business.

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