A case study in simple changes – immediate results!

img_2894-1This short case study is from a client who works with customer facing account specialists in a big pharmaceutical company – let’s call her Helen.
She’s a highly experienced trainer and already embraces brain friendly principles in her learning design and delivery – and yet she felt there was more …

“During 2016, I developed and launched a new programme to support our employees in planning and developing their career within our organisation.  Although attendee feedback was very positive, my personal feeling as a facilitator was that the participants were really starting to flag by the end of the day – possibly because the session involves a high degree of self-reflection, which people aren’t always used to undertaking.

I approached Sue Daly of Stellar Learning to review the design of the day with me to see if we could identify some improvements.    As the result of Sue’s excellent advice and coaching, I  implemented some changes to approach and timings, while keeping the content and support materials as originally planned.     The results were immediate–simple things like moving the timing of lunch and subtly tweaking certain activities to increase learner engagement  made an amazing difference to the energy levels in the afternoon session!

img_2908-1Overall, since working with Sue, I feel that the programme runs more smoothly and is now delivered in a way that enables participants to remain energetic and engaged all day – ultimately this means they are more able to retain and apply what they have learnt.    In feedback, 100% of learners felt the session was delivered in a positive learning environment, and said they would recommend the session to a friend – so it doesn’t get better than that!”

Thanks for your contribution Helen!