Consultancy and Bespoke Work

consultancy_bespokeApply neuroscience and brain friendly learning principles throughout your organisation and watch your people thrive and organisation prosper

As well as our off the shelf and bespoke training programmes, you can utilise the skills and expertise of our learning and development professionals to address specific communication and training issues within your organisation.

Working closely with your people, we review your current training programmes and communication practices, and develop the right techniques to teach your people how to do things the brain friendly way.

Enriching your business with powerful brain friendly learning techniques, enables employees messages and communication to one another and your customers to be better understood and remembered – known as ‘make your message sticky’.

Armed with the tools to project clear and coherent messages both internally and externally, your employees will be empowered to develop and implement practical pragmatic solutions to address your key business challenges such as:

  • Creating clearer business strategies – motivating your employees to do their best
  • Enhancing working and learning environments – making your organisation a place people aspire to work at
  • Increasing staff retention – reducing time and cost associated with recruitment
  • Achieving a better understanding of compliance – minimising risk and litigation issues
  • Boosting sales performance levels – leading to increased financial results
  • Increased customer retention – Higher levels of customer satisfaction and better net promoter scores

What we look for in our learning and development consultants

  • Senior, experienced learning and development professionals
  • Insights from years of expertise and experience applying neuroscience to training and learning
  • Genuine business experience with specific areas of expertise, across different industry sectors
  • Fully trained in brain friendly approaches

Book a brainstorming session with one of our experts to discover how neuroscience and brain friendly learning could address your specific business challenges.