Empathy in learning design and delivery

I have just been invited to do a podcast with Sponge UK, an innovative e-learning company.  They have been thinking about the idea of empathy and its role in design and delivery of e-learning.  Which got me thinking, because I’m sure you’re familiar with the idea of actively using emotion in learning because of the strong links between emotion and memory.  So you probably already use story telling, case studies, humour, tension, uncertainty, curiosity, laughter as was of engaging learners and helping them to remember what they learn.

We’ve even had people cry in our training programmes; though it was never deliberately intended, but sometimes emotions are felt and released and that’s fine so long as they’re dealt with.

But this idea of empathy really engaged me and I realised that we had used it  – and do use it – but hadn’t really thought about it that way. But when you’re designing training with the learner in mind it really helps to step into their shoes and experience learning from their point of view – which is one reason why it’s so useful to go on learning yourself – but that’s a blog for another day.

You can listen to the conversation with Ben and me here and do let me know your thoughts on empathy in learning design

And for more ideas about learner-centric training www.howtobeabrainfriendlytrainer.com – check the website for latest dates and locations.