‘FAR better in terms of achieving the learning outcomes’ – pharmaceutical company

Case study 2016 – Session Leader Essentials

A pharmaceutical company were suffering with induction training through multiple sessions of Death by PowerPoint. The ‘expert trainers’ delivered the information but very little was sticking because they were limited in their tools and techniques to communicate complex information. New, customer facing, Sales Reps said the induction training was dull and uninspiring. They struggled to remember enough to pass their early training programme (ETP) test at the end of the training and felt demotivated early on in their new role. The effectiveness of these new staff was low.

The new Head of L&D brought in Stellar Learning to support the ‘ETP trainers’ to look at different methods of delivery. The biggest challenges were the ‘ETP trainers’ weren’t aware of other ways to share information beyond enormous slide decks and didn’t recognise the need to check and review learning to make it stick for the long term. Some felt uncomfortable about delivering training because they felt participants didn’t find the training useful or engaging.

We created a flexible learning programme, Session Leaders Essentials, with 4 main elements:
1. An interactive 60 minute webinar to explore the basic neuroscience of learning and top tips to maximise engagement, reduce cognitive overload and increase knowledge retention.
2. Two x 90 minute face to face workshops to learn to redesign and deliver their training using a structured learning model and creative, brain friendly techniques. These sessions were delivered without powerpoint for trainers to experience alternative delivery methods.
3. Optional coaching to work on their own individual sessions with an experienced ‘brain friendly’ trainer.
4. Regular follow up materials for 3 months – blogs/ activities/ email support to embed learning for the long term.

Results so far:

Feedback from the Session Leader Essentials sessions has been excellent with an average score of 4.5/5 to the question ‘Was this training valuable in your role?’
More importantly, the feedback from the ETP sessions themselves has been dramatically improved. People find them engaging and interesting and believe they can use the information competently and confidently in their role with customers.
More people have passed the ETP exam first time and are contributing to the business immediately rather than requiring extra time and support.
Sales Reps feel more confident in the knowledge they have and feel motivated in their new roles.

The ETP programme manager said ‘There is a gulf between those session leaders who haven’t attended your sessions and those who have.’

We are still measuring the effectiveness of the long term retention of material and the impact on sales.

The scope of the programme has been expanded to invite people from across the business who share information or do any form of training.

People who participated in Session Leader Essentials said:

During the sessions with you I understood from a recipient’s perspective the usefulness of moving to this type of learning but I hadn’t appreciated the benefit to the presenter. I’m much more confident and found I’m not so worried.’

we worked together to significantly improve the impact of the sessions and the post session sustainability of the learning. I feel the sessions were good to start with – but are FAR better in terms of achieving the learning outcomes now.’

As you know I found your training really useful. It’s so nice to be freed from powerpoint & use creative ideas.’

I really enjoyed these workshops. I found them extremely useful and it was great to pick up some tips that I can put into action straight away as well as thinking about developing things in the long term. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to improve their sessions and make the most of the time they’ve got on the ETP!’

‘We used the training knowledge taught by Stellar Learning- which really seemed to make a huge difference- which in turn, I think helped to make the right impact that we were hoping for.’

Satisfied learners!