Harness your Brain Power

What’s one thing that’s working all the time even if you’re not aware of it? It’s your brain of course. For many of us brain-wavesour brain is a “stranger” that lives peacefully in our head and runs on “auto-pilot” without us being aware of what’s happening. The good news is you can learn more about your brain and how to harness its power.

Your brain has 86 billion nerve cells working together to keep you alive and functioning, making decisions, processing emotions, learning, communicating and remembering. Despite the fact your brain only weighs about 2% of your body weight it consumes about 20% of your energy. So you need to feed your brain with oxygen, glucose, nutrients and water. Eat a single square of chocolate before you think about something difficult to give your brain that extra little boost.

Instead of thinking harder, try to stop thinking for a while. When you’re not consciously focused on something your brain enters the ‘default state’ and there is, counter-intuitively, more connectivity and activity. You can process more sensory information, connect ideas, be more creative and even learn better so go for a walk and let your mind wander to get your brain working better.

Your brain needs significant amounts of housekeeping to keep it in peak performance. During the day proteins called ameloids build up and can cause tangles of neurons reducing your brain’s capacity to function at peak performance. Whilst you sleep these ‘toxins’ are flushed away, cleaning your brain. LED screens interrupt sleep patterns so turn off your phone at least an hour or two before going to bed if you want to have a ‘clean’ brain.

You don’t always have to consciously think about making your brain work harder – let it be more efficient by feeding it and then letting it work on its own.

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