How do you increase social learning experiences when working 1-2-1?

happy customerThere was an interesting question on the Linked In Group this week from Nicky McCrudden hat got me thinking…

Nicky’s question was:

Given that Brain-Friendly learning places a strong emphasis on social learning experiences, what ways can you increase ‘brain-friendly’ if you’re teaching 1-2-1 with someone?

I was working 1 to 1 with someone recently and I’d argue it wassocial learning as we shared and discussed lots of different ideas together.

It’s still social learning even when you’re 1-2-1 as well as when more people work together – all are using the interpersonal intelligence. It would be different if the person was working on their own – then they’d be less likely to be doing social learning but there would still be ways to make it more social.

Other ways to enhance the 1-2-1 to include even more social learning might be to ask that person to seek input from other people who aren’t currently there:

  • go down the corridor and ask someone a question
  • pick up the phone and make a call
  • text someone
  • send an email and wait for responses
  • use social media,
  • skype

They could search for a hashtag on twitter and join or start a conversation – you could have a back channel running all day if you wanted.

You could experiment with visualisation – ask them to imagine they are in a group and what sorts of learning they would get from a group experience.   If the brain finds it hard to differentiate between imagined experiences and real ones then ‘imaginary friends’ may be useful friends to have whilst learning.

Using something like the 3 chair technique (perceptual positions) forces you to think about  learning from other points of view.  You could put some great learning buddies in the other chairs – perhaps bring in your heroes of the topic you’re learning.

What other ideas would you add?

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