How we work

Delivering and supporting you and your people

With Stella Learning, you choose from a number of options to suit your individual circumstances; from open courses, to fully bespoke learning programmes which allow you to specify exactly what you want, to move you and your colleagues towards your business objectives. Follow up after every workshop is key (because we know it makes learning last longer) – and you and your colleagues have access to support from us if there are any questions.

And, to maintain our consistently high delivery standards, we live by these principles:

Ears open… Listening carefully to your business needs, we take the time to understand fully what your training should deliver, not just from a content perspective, but also in terms of meeting your business outcomes. Armed with this valuable insight, we tailor every learning programme to ensure your training achieves the results you want.

Results orientated… Our focus is always on improving performance and achieving the results you want. We work with a small group of carefully selected consultants with a passion for business results, innovation and effective learning.

Ever Evolving … We do everything we can to make our service the best it can be. By using the most effective learning techniques we ensure your people are engaged and responsible for their own development, which is proven to maximise results. We constantly seek out better and more effective ways for participants to learn and apply what they learn.By using our insights from neuroscience to create a brain friendly approach we maximise the amount people learn and retain and provide the support you need for rapid application into the workplace.

No fluff… We know that time is precious, so our workshops are only as long as they need to be to ensure your people learn, retain and apply what they’ve learned. We use a blended learning approach to give you maximum value.

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