Is your brain blank like mine?

calm 2Kayleigh’s just asked me to write a blog but my brain is blank.  I’ve just been working on something else that really taxed my thinking powers and despite knowing I’ve shouted at the radio, had interesting conversations and met some great people this week, not a single thought is coming to mind that I can share with you.

Does that happen to you too?  Are you sometimes asked to write something, talk about something or do something important but your brain just seems to have turned to mush and be incapable of coming up with any creative ideas at all.  I hope it doesn’t happen to you but I suspect it does.

So what can you do about it?

There’s all sorts of interesting theories about brain use and creativity and I’m sure you’ve got your own favourite ways of being creative but here are a few quick and easy options I’ve come across recently.

Spend about thirty seconds shifting your eyes horizontally back and forth. This exercise is thought to help increase communication between your left and right hemisphere, but it’s more likely to be effective if you are strongly right handed.

Increasing your oxytocin levels seems to be associated with more divergent thinking.   Oxytocin is considered to be our ‘nurturing hormone’ so go and find someone and give them a hug – but this effect only lasts a short time so think fast after your hug.

One piece of research suggests that students are better at divergent thinking when they are ‘groggy’ so perhaps don’t bother trying to be creative until you feel sleepy.

And apparently the colour blue fosters creative thinking – so go outside and look at the sky – if it’s blue where you are.  Otherwise pick up some holiday brochures and do a spot of daydreaming for a while.

And what worked for me just now?  Necessity being the mother of invention, I thought about what was going on in my brain which turned out to be ‘how can I be more creative right now’?  And then I walked away from my desk and got a drink and it came to me so here we are…

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