6th – 27th July 2018 – Virtual Summer School – Making Change Stick

Dive into our Virtual Summer School

Join us for this series of four 1 hour online learning sessions plus some self-directed learning to build an understanding of how people react to change and how you can influence them. We all have to deal with change in our everyday work and personal lives, but how can you increase your resilience to these changes and influence others around you to ensure the message sticks!

Watch our introduction video to get you started. (Please bear with the tool, it may take a couple of minutes to load).
You’ll meet some people who are dealing with change at work and start to get a feel for the different elements you need to make change stick.  In each session  you’ll explores these aspects in more detail for yourself.

Each virtual session costs £30 +VAT or join us for all 4 to build a comprehensive set of valuable skills for just £100 + VAT
Attend the session in the morning from your desk, living room or even swimming pool (if you’re on your holidays :)) and tackle your own challenge by the afternoon!

Click here to book the full series and you’ll receive recordings of any you’re unable to attend plus bonus resources, alternatively click on the title links to book on individual webinars.

Friday 6th July 2018 – 10-11am – Why it’s Difficult and How to Encourage new Habits
Why is change sometimes difficult? After all we do it all the time and surely we’ve got used to it by now. But for our brains change is still a tricky issue because of the potential risks – your brain is just trying to keep you safe by reacting to change. Discover what’s going on in your brains and those of your colleagues when change happens and explore the effects on your behaviour, communication and actions.
Work with a structured model to understand habits and 6 simple steps to make it easier to create new habits.

Friday 13th July 2018 – 10-11am – Influencing Others and Making your Message Stick
One of the things you need to do if you’re working within a changing environment is to influence others – which sounds easy but when you’re under pressure yourself and with conflicting priorities it can suddenly seem more difficult.
With an evidence based, structured approach you can help your colleagues find that sweet spot where everyone feels they’ve been heard and then walks with you towards the new horizon.

Friday 20th July 2018 – 10-11am – Handling Difficult Conversations During Change
We all know that feeling of a conversation we’re dreading to have. Often we leave it too long until things are already turning sour and nothing goes the way you imagined. Tackle the emotions and the facts of those challenging conversations before they become too difficult and generate a resolution that suits both of you.

Friday 27th July 2018 – 10-11am – Managing Emotions and Maximising Mental Energy and Agility
By the time you reach this time in the programme you’ll already be aware of the importance of emotions during times of change. It’s scary the way they can hijack the best laid plans. In this session you’ll look at ways to harness positive mental energy and build your own and your colleagues emotional agility and develop more resilience during change. After all, change is going to happen whether you want it or not so learn to take control where you can.

Keep your diary free on 3rd August 10am because we’re going to have an extra bonus session with our friends from The Inform Team to share how we worked together blending technology and people skills to make change really sticky!  More news later…

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Please note you only receive recordings of the webinars that have been paid for.
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