Negotiation Skills

enjoyingLearn to be a successful negotiator by:

– Having a consistent process to apply when you’re under pressure
– Preparing properly so you avoid giving too much away too early
– Using appropriate styles of negotiation in different situations
– Investigating what the other side really needs so you have more leverage
– Listing the value of everything you have to offer
– Creating alternative solutions so you don’t have to come away empty handed

Key Benefits:

– Increased profits because you know what the bottom line is
– Lower costs because you understand negotiation goes both ways
– Reach agreements easily when you understand the key communication skills required
– Take control of negotiations so that you don’t feel you’re always the one conceding
– Do more business because people trust you

Who will benefit?

People who wants to work successfully with:

– Procurement Professionals
– Suppliers
– Sales people
– Colleagues and managers
– Clients

‘I now feel much more confident, and comfortable in my own ability to negotiate.’  Client, Public workshop.

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