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Neuroscience for Learning and Development is a book about  the psychology and neuroscience that 9780749474614 - Cover imageunderpins effective and successful training and learning. It introduces the latest research and concepts and suggests practical tools, techniques and ideas to improve how trainers train and how people learn. Readers will find new and more effective ways of working and will discover a sound basis for good practice. They will also discover the research that backs up what they are already doing well and evidence to support future projects and plans in order to make a convincing case to budget holders.

Here’s a couple of reviews to let you know what people are saying about it:

‘If you want to transform learning in your organisation, this is a must read.’
Amy Brann, Author of Make Your Brain Work, Neuroscience for Coaches and Engaged

‘This is no trendy skim through the latest L&D ‘fad’; rather it’s a well-researched and well-articulated walk through the science and the physiology of the brain, and how a knowledge and understanding of how it works can help both teachers/trainers/facilitators/coaches AND learners absorb information more easily and translate that knowledge into effective action and new behaviours. It’s a book I will be keeping close and referring back to regularly.’
Niall Gavin, Former Head of Technology, Assisted Learning, at FirstGroup Plc

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