Neuroscience and Knowledge Sharing

14708021_1130038630377260_5762585193880131271_oA unique 3 hour workshop on the practical application of neuroscience in business. This session is vital for you if you:

  • Share knowledge
  • Influence colleagues who share information and expertise
  • Want to know some more about the psychology and neuroscience of knowledge sharing
  • Want to find a more effective way of harnessing the time and energy currently wasted in meetings
  • Have meetings via conference calls

How much time do you and your colleagues spend in meetings? Do you find meetings are informative, productive and a valuable use of time or do meetings sometimes feel like a chore to be endured? Do you find you don’t pay attention in meetings or are distracted? Is there just too much information to sift through?

When was the last time you attended a meeting that left you energized, informed and ready to take action?

people-309098_1280It’s not just you and your colleagues that are affected. In many organisations, throughout the world, meetings take up vast amounts of time and are a huge cost in salaries and the opportunity cost of lost time – not to mention the biscuit expenses.  There’s also the risk that information is misinterpreted, missed or lost because people don’t understand how we really absorb information and therefore how they can best communicate it.

How can you help your colleagues make meetings and knowledge sharing opportunities more valuable, more productive and more engaging?

Neuroscience and psychology are giving us insights into how people really absorb information and what they actually pay attention to; as professionals working with people we need to be ahead of the game and to understand and use some of these insights.

Join us to learn why cognitive overload and lack of focus are removing value from meetings.  Better still find out top tips and easy to adopt solutions to these challenges.

  • Discover some of the neuroscience behind why people can take in only limited amounts of information at a time and how to help presenters/ managers and leaders to share knowledge more effectively.
  • Have a look at what keeps people focused and engaged throughout the meeting – learn how to grab their attention
  • Walk away with at least 6 ‘easy to apply’ practical tips to ensure your experts deliver their expertise in brain friendly ways.
  • And as a bonus pick up ideas for your own meetings and learning sessions so that you lead the way in effective knowledge sharing.

This high impact workshop gives you 3 hours of high impact, practical information to immediately improve how you share knowledge in your organisation.

At our pilot event people said:

As I do a lot of presentations and am involved in numerous meetings, finding new ways of improving communication is always helpful. The workshop helped me to identify things I can improve in my face-to-face meetings and I am grateful for the experience. Participant from Lek, Slovenia.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the workshop. I really enjoyed it. I loved when Stella was sharing examples from her experience (presentation in a dark room, people were hypnotised). Participant from Elanco Animal Health, Slovenia

Stella Collins is the author of ‘Neuroscience for Learning and Development’ and says ‘There’s no such thing as a boring topic, just boring delivery’.