Neuroscience for Learning and Development – A Master Class

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Your Brain – everybody uses it for learning but not everyone understands how it really works. Whilst you don’t need to be a neuroscientist to support learning, your professional skills will be boosted by knowing what does, and doesn’t, go on in people’s brains and bodies when they learn. Discover fascinating and vital concepts from neuroscience and psychology and apply them to transform your training, coaching, teaching and even meetings.
You may have already read the book Neuroscience for Learning and Development, or perhaps it’s on your to do list still? Whether you’ve read the book or not you’ll find this practical one day Masterclass gives you new insights into the psychology and neuroscience you need to work with as a learning professional. Plus lots of ideas about how you can apply neuroscience in a brain friendly way to real life learning situations.


By completing the masterclass you will:
• Equip yourself with key aspects of neuroscience to transform learning in your organisation or institution
• Dispel some of the myths and hype around neuroscience
• Have practical, evidence based tools to increase engagement and attention whatever the subject matter. ‘There is no such thing as a boring topic – only boring training’
• Use the latest findings of neuroscience in your daily practice
• Discover the research to back up what you’re already doing well, making it easier to convince budget holders about the value of good learning
• Increase retention of learning to facilitate long term behaviour change and increase compliance
• Increase ROI with even better results for you, your learners and the organisation

Who will get value?

  • OD, L&D and HR professionals
  • Professional coaches
  • Educators
  • Technical experts who need to share information as part of their role
  • You, if you have an interest in how your brain works and how you learn

What you’ll cover

  • What is neuroscience and why does it matter to you?
  • Learn some brain physiology about the building blocks and mechanisms of learning, such as neuroplasticity.
  • Experience spaced learning to draw out the value of spaced repetition on long term memory and retention of information
  • Harness brain waves for practical insights on how to prevent and cope with cognitive overload – find out why sleep is so vital for learning
  • Work out how to stimulate the neurotransmitters and chemicals that are vital at in the learning process – and reduce those that disrupt learning
  • Memory – walk through the mechanisms of memory and learn to make habits and information ‘sticky’
  • Take away tools to challenge neuromyths and to recognise sound and relevant research

This inspirational, interactive masterclass is drawn from many years of practical experience and evidence based research. We practise what we preach so you’ll be immersed in a brain friendly learning environment from which you can borrow as many ideas as you like.  Join Stella Collins, author of Neuroscience for Learning and Development, for a valuable learning experience, lunch, refreshment, all materials, resources and additional review activities for ‘sticky’ learning for only £497 plus VAT.

And receive a complimentary copy of Neuroscience for Learning and Development.

*This programme has now been accredited by the Institute of Training & Occupational Learning (ITOL) and you’ll receive a certificate at the end of the full programme.

What people say about the workshop.

A great course, in terms of trainer, course structure and content, the venue (which I loved – very learner friendly) and the make up of the group.  I learned a lot about the subject. Fiona Markham, Field Fisher

The spaced learning, motivation and memory aspects of the session were my personal favourite sections as I can directly link them to my job.  Overall I think it is a fantastic session and would recommend to others.  Richard Armitage, Weightmans LLP

Stella was great – a really clear and enthusiastic facilitator and left me wanting to learn more. … and the day was not only informative – but also really fun and enjoyable!  Victoria Newton, Altro

“Stella knows her subject and structures a course that is engaging and thought provoking putting what she knows about neuroscience into practice. I left unsure about how much I’d remember – turns out it’s far more than I thought I would. Very good investment of my time and energy. Thank you!” Vanessa Naylor, Sutton Council

What people said about the book

‘A timely book for all learning and development professionals’ Don Tayor, Chairman Learning and Performance Institute

‘Stella Collins proves you don’t have to be a neuroscientist to apply key brain principles to practical learning solutions’ Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning and Development at CIPD

‘Understanding the neuroscience and psychology of learning is the key to successful learning and training’ Dr Itiel Dror, Consultant and Researcher in Cognitive Development, University College London

‘If you want to transform learning in your organisation, this is a must read’ Amy Brann, author of ‘Neuroscience for Coaches’