One day Introduction to Brain Friendly Learning


This team were previously sceptics about the brain friendly approach

Why brain friendly learning isn’t ‘pink and fluffy’. This 3 month programme includes a one day workshop, accredited by the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning, to introduce you to the key principles of brain friendly learning.


Preparation – self study materials, a learning needs analysis, prepare a real life challenge to bring to the Learning Clinic

Workshop Outcomes

  • Explode some of the myths and learn key facts about the brain and neuroscience that predominate in learning
  • Identify genuine ‘brain friendly learning’ from ‘pink and fluffy learning’
  • Recognise the 6 key components of the brain friendly approach to work out what you’re already doing well and what to change
  • Apply tips and techniques to transform your real training and business issues.
  • Inspire and motivate the most reluctant learners and find out why there is ‘no such thing as a boring topic’

Three months follow up programme

You will be supported and guided for 3 months with fresh ideas and challenges to put your learning into action.

Call us on 01256 698316 to find out if this programme is for you and your organisation.