When people’s lives are more important than ROI

I bet you’re sometimes asked about the value of the training you do – does it deliver a return on the investment to the business or client? We have a client where their ROI is far more important than money. What they teach their clients literally saves lives – and they’ve used this idea to create some dynamic new training by embracing brain friendly learning principles.
Meet Luke from Dekra (he’s the one keeping a watchful eye while his colleagues learn). He’s a process safety specialist and helps clients avoid dangerous explosions from highly explosive materials like oil and gas, but more prosaically from custard powder, milk powder and the ethanol that ends up in your Vodka Martini.
Recently Luke attended How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer and has completely upended all the training he’d been doing. He now realises he can’t turn his clients into ‘mini-mes’ overnight “I can’t turn them into me by simply telling them about concepts it’s taken me a long time to learn. Instead I have to work as if it’s the first time they’ve got on a bike – which may be a shaky ride – and they need to take it bit by bit – I can’t expect the Tour de France straight away.”
He’s reversed the way he thinks about design and delivery, so instead of pushing information at his participants, he gets them to work it out for themselves, problem solve, ask questions, work in groups, use metaphors, discuss practical examples like cake baking.  He zealously checks what they learn and the learners review regularly so they all know they’ve ‘got it’.

And in one particular exercise he’s reversed the problem of saving lives and instead of talking through a set of slides with formulae to save lives, people play a game called ‘Kill everyone in the room’. He gives them the means, motive and opportunity to create disastrous conditions and then gets them to work out the factors that go to creating dangerous situations. Of course this is done so people recognise and reduce the risk factors in their own work places – it could be where you work.
Luke is highly confident that the quality of the genuine risk assessments clients do after the training will be significantly improved because they’ve worked through real life set ups and had to think for themselves.
Luke and his boss are also pleased because the Head of Process Safety for Europe for their biggest client called up their senior account manager to say she was ‘delighted’ with the new format and would be encouraging many more people to attend – so they improve their business bottom line too.

Beware of dry, dusty training –it’s a possible explosive risk!

If you think you’ve got highly technical data or information to share, or perhaps you think it’s just a bit dry and dusty then ask us about how you can learn to transform your training into something richer and more rewarding. We’ve got a variety of routes to support you on a journey to design and deliver training that not only delivers a return on investment but has a significant impact on the lives of people around you at work – or better still reduce the risk of possible impact!