Powerful Persuasion


powerful persuasion

How often do you have to influence or persuade someone else? Discover a set of clear guidelines that you can use consistently in all situations:

  • Theories of influence and persuasion and how to apply them
  • How to create an outcome that appeals to all parties
  • How to quickly build and enhance relationships -without even trying
  • Find out what other people are thinking in case you need to change their minds
  • How to persuade individuals and groups
  • Words that work to convince

Key Benefits

  • Increased personal and professional credibility and authority
  • Get things done more effectively and with less effort
  • Win more business

Who should attend?

  • People who need to persuade others to take action; staff, colleagues, business partners, customers.
  • Managers
  • Those involved in marketing or selling products or ideas.

For top persuasive tips to apply immediately click here

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