neuroscience_bk1Neuroscience for Learning and Development

Neuroscience for Learning and Development is a book about the psychology and neuroscience that underpins effective and successful training and learning. It introduces the latest research and concepts and suggests practical tools, techniques and ideas to improve how trainers train and how people learn. Readers will find new and more effective ways of working and will discover a sound basis for good practice. You will also discover the research that backs up what you are already doing well and evidence to support future projects and plans in order to make a convincing case to budget holders. Download chapter 1 for free now.

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writingskill_pocketbk1Writing Skills Pocketbook

How do you ensure that what you write gets read, understood and acted upon? The Writing Skills Pocketbook describes a 3-phase approach to planning, preparing and polishing written communications for the modern business world. Central to the planning phase is a clear understanding of why you are writing and who you are writing for. The book guides you through the planning process and shows you how to test your approach.


webinar-pocketbook-cover1aWebinars Pocketbook

Engaging your audience and holding their attention is the principal focus of the Webinars Pocketbook. It will show you how to design, set-up and deliver internet-based meetings, presentations and training workshops that harness technology for maximum impact and effectiveness. The pocketbook begins by describing the different webinar tools available – such as web cams, polls, messaging windows, whiteboards and breakout rooms – and how and when they can be employed to your advantage.