More than resilience – The science behind mental energy and agility

‘Resilience’ has become the label of choice for a host of research, books and personal development programmes over the last decade. With so much scientific research in this area, we now know more than ever about our brain and body, we know we can develop our personal resilience and we have an ever increasing mass of tools and techniques to help us.

Why attend

In today’s world, adaptability, agility and the ability to thrive in uncertain and challenging situations are recognised as vital skills in our professional and personal lives. These and other skills linked to ‘personal success’ and ‘mental toughness’ have a significant impact on our wellbeing and our ability to achieve our goals.

In this session you’ll move the emphasis from simply coping with adversity to pro-actively managing and maximising your mental energy and agility. Find out more about the latest insights in this area. During the session you will:

  • Explore the impact of mental energy and agility on both your wellbeing and performance
    Look at the brain and neuroscience research and learn new ways to manage your mental energy and improve your resilience.
  • Share and take-away different tools and tips that can be applied to all areas of your life