Resources to explore

9780749474614 - Cover imageAfter our series of 4 webinars about brain friendly learning people have asked for some ideas about resources for further research and ideas.  Here are a few of our favourites:

Websites: – real life get togethers with like minded people plus a Linkedin group forum – lots of interesting resources about your brain – an excellent digest of the latest research from psychology and neuroscience


 Brain Rules – John Medina

Your brain at work – David Rock

Make your brain work – Amy Brann

Mapping the mind – Rita Carter

Accelerated Learning for the 21st century – Colin Rose

The Accelerated Learning Handbook – Dave Meiers

The Trainers toolkit – Kimberley Hare and Larry Reynolds

Neuroscience for Learning and Development – Stella Collins (due out Nov 2015)


How to be a brain friendly trainer – a 6 month fully immersive programme – inhouse and open options available

Virtual Sticky Learning – apply brain friendly learning to the virtual world