Ten Top Tips from real life webinars

webinar participantsHello
We’ve been working on creating Virtual Sticky Learning and have participated in some engaging and brain friendly webinars this week.
There is lots to write about what we’ve learned, and that will come, but in the meantime…

Ten Top tips gleaned from real life webinars this week!

  1. Send the ground rules in advance and information about how to use the tools – at least some of the participants will read it, and might even practise, so you only have to help those who are still struggling.
  2. Have an activity related to the learning displayed whilst everyone gets logged in – it could be a word search, a puzzle, a visual perception exercise, an overview of the session.    Use background music here too if you can – it breaks up the quiet and you can still hear the introductions.
  3.  Even if the technology /band width doesn’t facilitate use of video throughout the session use it on your introductions.  Knowing what the other people on your webinar look like helps to make them real and it seems to be easier to identify their voices.  Ask each person to turn on the video, answer brief introductory questions eg who are you, what do you want to learn? and then ask them to turn it off again ready for the next person.
  4. Use clear, directive language to move people around your screen eg “At the bottom left of your screen is a …”, “Hover your cursor…”
  5. Move on with technology glitches – If someone’s stuck spend  a short time helping and then find another way to let them participate eg ask them what their answers would be instead of them typing onto the screen or doing the poll.  If the worst comes to the worst apologise and say you’ll repeat the session for them at another date and log them out.radio host
  6. Don’t assume people can see the same thing as you on their screen.  Adopt a helpful ‘IT support attitude – Ask lots of questions like “What can you see?”; ‘Can you see the smiley face on the bottom left?’; ‘What happens when you hover your mouse over it?’  And let other users contribute if they are more experienced or being helpful – they may see it better from a users point of view.
  7. Be larger than life.  Imagine you’re a local radio DJ – keep up the pace, energy and humour.  Ask questions like ‘Where are you dialling in from?’ and ‘What’s the weather like there’ because it helps to build rapport and make everyone seem more real.  Keep building rapport throughout the webinar.
  8. Keep telling people what’s going on; remind them of timings, who’s on the call, where you’re getting to, what’s next.
  9. Use names far more than you would in a face to face situation.
  10. Give lots of support and make people feel comfortable with the technology eg “You’re doing well”,  “don’t worry about spelling so long as we can tell what you mean”…

Webinars and web meetings are going to be an increasing part of our work lives and they can be interactive, enjoyable and memorable.  Don’t let your audience find other things more interesting than your webinar or web meeting.

Talk to us to find out more about how you can improve your webinars with Virtual Sticky Learning.

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