Tony’s story – how he refreshed his training

Tony Moorcroft of Coast Consulting has  been a trainer, facilitator and coach for more than 2 decades and has kindly contributed this blog. Thanks Tony and over to you….tony's group

During these 20 years I’ve focused on being the best facilitator I can be.  Despite trying to keep ‘fresh’ I felt one or two of my training courses had become stale.  Whilst the evaluations were good, I thought the learning experience could be so much better, which is why I chose to attend Stellar Learning’s “How To Be A Brain Friendly Trainer” programme.

From the moment I started I could tell it was a sound investment.  I completed a questionnaire beforehand which gave me a detailed insight into my own intelligences as well as other people’s and then found out how I could use this knowledge in training design.

I learned  great ways to make learning memorable and have been using these from the day after I completed the workshop.  Stellar Learning’s regular follow ups have meant my learning has been retained better than any other programme I’ve attended.

Since the training three months ago I’ve:

  • Revamped the ‘stale’ courses I hated delivering and am getting much better feedback and enjoying them again
  • Got more creative with my training
  • Got more confident in my ability to meet the learning needs of all my participants
  • Use emotion in training to really make the learning stick
  • Moved away from information giving to helping learners find out for themselves through sharing stories, competitions, playing games and using different types of intelligences
  • Added more relevant novelty into my training so it really stands out
  • Been able to help other trainers bring their training to life

Here are some photos of what I’ve done with my clients. My training courses are much more lively, engaging and memorable  and I have some powerful approaches  that really add value to my participants and to myself.

To participate yourself there’s a programme starting on 18th Oct 2016 – click here for full details How To Be A Brain Friendly Trainer

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