Top Ten Resources for Brain Friendly Trainers (part 2)

scented pens from rnibLast week we had 5 top ten resources – which ones are already in your toolkit?  What else will you add from the next five?

  1. Coloured scented pens and Flip charts – Most trainers use flipcharts but not all trainers let the learners use them.  Hand the responsibility for capturing discussions and conversations to the learners.  Encourage curiosity and motivation with plentiful selections of coloured and scented pens. Throw away all dried up and useless pens! (and get them from because you’re helping them and they do a great price).
  2.  Books/ websites – Encourage people to read for themselves and then share what they learn rather than you do the reading and tell them about it.  Reading and sharing gives them 3 ways of encountering a topic;  1. They read it 2. They talk about or demonstrate it 3 they hear or see someone elses findings
  3.  Social media – Not everyone loves social media but most people are using it already so make connecting and talking easy for people.  Use linked in, facebook, twitter etc to create learning communities where people can find out from each other.  Twitter and blogs are also a good way for people to reflect on their learning.
  4. postitsPostits – Multiple uses for postits of course.  People can write their objectives on them and go and collect them at the end of the day to check they were met.  Brainstorm ideas using postits and then collate them together.  Create processes, stick them in peoples notes.
  5. Stories – One of the oldest learning resources of all.  Learn to  create and tell stories (ask for a story spine if you want a head start)  They don’t need to be fairy stories but can be tales you’ve come across of good and bad practise.  Encourage learners to tell their own stories because this will resonate with their colleagues.  Use storify

To find out even more about how to use these resources in a truly brain friendly way consider becoming an ITOL certified brain friendly trainer yourself.  Visit for full details.ITOL

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