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Calling all professionals in Science and Technology: Do you want to achieve your highest potential?

Even the Harvard Business Review recognises there’s more to being a great scientist than just your technical skills.  We’re here to help you develop the people and communication skills to make sure you stand out from the crowd and build your career. Better still we’ve loads of experience of working with scientists and technologists like you. We recognise that whilst so called ‘soft’ skills are actually quite hard to develop, a structured approach, based on research from psychology and neuroscience, helps to codify skills into easy to adapt processes and activities. On our development programmes you’ll discover tools and techniques to help you be more effective at work and find out how other people tick, so you can communicate and work with them even better.

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How Stellar Learning can help you succeed

brain_friendly_training_scientists_2We have worked in hands-on science and technology roles and understand your world – this make us different from the majority of training providers you may talk to.  Plus we use our own insights from psychology and neuroscience to our training methods.

Bringing a fresh approach to learning and development, all our programmes are designed to ensure transfer of learning back into the workplace and to deliver results for individuals and the organisation. We provide a wide range of learning activities to apply to different topics and in different situations.

We use brain friendly principles emphasising the role of the learner and our workshops are highly engaging, interactive and memorable
• You are encouraged to share your skills and experience and to learn from each other.
• You will develop confidence by practising skills and techniques in the workshop and receiving and giving constructive feedback.
• You will plan how to transfer your learning back into the workplace, so ensuring maximum return on investment for the individual and the organisation.
• You will be encouraged to share your learning with your teams and colleagues back at work.
• And finally, we encourage participants to enjoy learning and to take this spirit out into their own environment!

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Where you want a group of people to develop particular skills, we provide a tailored in-house workshop to meet your requirements. These are highly intensive workshops, with content that will last you a lifetime!

Open Workshops

Using one to one coaching, we enable you to think through your own issues and to find your own solutions and ways forward.

Working on a retainer basis for a set number of days per month or year, we build a relationship with you and get to know your organisation. The consultancy time can be used for coaching, workshops or projects.

Taster Sessions
Book a taster session to see how successful our services will be for your business.

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