Virtual Sticky Learning

This programme is designed to implement brain-based methods in virtual classrooms, with a focus on webinars.

What’s included in the workshop –

  • virtual-learningBefore the workshop you are provided with questionairres, reading material and personal planning
  • What are the differences between virtual learning environments and real life?
  • Learn the components of brain friendly learning
  • The learning process in 6 acts:
    – Motivate minds
    – Absorb information
    – Search for meaning
    – Trigger memory
    – Exhibit knowledge
    – Review
  • Make virtual learning as real as it can be
  • Understand why creativity is important
  • Grip the audience, use stories and design your show!
  • Practice everything you’ve learned and understand the feedback process
  • After the workshop, continue to review and build on your learning with exercises and activities for up to 6 months

Call us to find out how this flexible programme can help your organisation with designing and delivering webinars 01256 698316