Who are we?

Stellar Learning’s mission is to help others communicate more effectively.  We pragmatically apply insights from neuroscience and psychology to transform peoples skills in presenting, writing, and training, improving compliance, productivity and profitability for organisations.

We work with a diverse group of carefully selected people with a passion for business results, innovation and effective learning.  We have strong theoretical and academic backgrounds to apply to practical learning solutions. All our associates have been trained by us and undertake regular professional development resulting in a range of effective methodologies, practical techniques and diagnostic tools.

Our varied business backgrounds are a major strength providing a combination of up to date technical knowledge and people skills.

Stella Collins FITOL is Creative Director of Stellar Learning  and founder of the Brain Friendly Learning Group. She’s author of ‘Neuroscience for Learning and Development‘ and the Writing Skills and Webinar Pocketbooks , is a judge at the national TJ awards, speaks regularly at conferences and consults on learning qualifications programmes. With a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Human Communication, a coaching diploma, 15 years in the IT industry,  and more than 15 years in L&D, she injects a theoretical knowledge of learning and communication with creative and practical ideas and hands on experience. Stella says “there’s no such thing as a boring topic – just boring training.”

kayleighKayleigh Clark, despite her youthful appearance, has over twelve years customer service experience and a strong finance administration background. She keeps the show on the road managing the day to day activities of the business, co-ordinating workshops and calendars and markets and manages the Brain Friendly Learning Group. She surprises herself regularly with her own bravery taking on everything that is thrown at her – so far she keeps saying yes.

Sue Daly is an experienced facilitator, coach and trainer. From a background in tourism and leisure, she has designed and delivered programmes for organisations in service and manufacturing environments, and the public and not-for-profit sectors. She also works with one to one clients. Sue believes that communication and interpersonal skills are the foundation for personal effectiveness and business success. Her approach is practical and participative, using brain friendly methods to ensure engagement and therefore responsibility for and commitment to the development process. Support solutions are always tailored to specific needs.

Clare Edwards Biog Pic 2013Clare Edwards has a global career working at a senior management level and consulting to multinational organisations in the UK and Australia. She specialises in Neuroleadership, Facilitating Change, Effective Communication, Personality Type and Storytelling. She has a Diploma in the Neuroscience of Leadership, is a certified i4 Neuroleader Practitioner and has significant experience and qualifications in leadership and communication. She also completed Foundations of Positive Psychology at Penn State University. As a member of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA) she regularly presents at conferences and can teach you to do the same plus she’s fluent in Dutch and can happily chat away in French and German.

dominikaDominika Phillips is a visual artist and trainer with an exceptional background in both Visual Arts and Science. She simultaneously studied for her PhD at University College Dublin, while learning Fine Arts under the tutelage of two artists: Neil Carroll and John O’Connell. Alongside her studio practice, Dominika creates bespoke training sessions on Creativity and Innovation. She learned about designing and facilitating effective training solutions while working at AGH University of Science and Technology, University College Dublin and Centrica. Her professional experience gives her a good understanding of academic, blue-chip corporate and commercial environments. Fascinated by the application of neuroscience to learning Dominika completed the How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer programme in 2015.

tinaTina Harris has a long and successful career combining her experience and expertise in Business Development and People Development. She specialises in helping businesses and people to maximise their impact in a fast changing world. She provides guidance and support in 4 key areas:
1. Clarity – Building clarity around people strategy, what good looks like and core competencies
2. Influencing – Driving change through effective and inspiring communication skills
3. Making it stick – Using a combination of neuroscience and psychology to embed behaviour change
4. Resilience – Enabling consistent performance at a time when adaptability and agility are more important than ever.
Tina is an experienced public speaker and was originally responsible for driving the Brain Friendly Learning Group – a network for training professionals. A life-long passion for learning and developing others and her ability to inspire and embed change are widely recognised by colleagues and clients alike.

vanessaVanessa Randle – As a Graphic Recorder Vanessa has developed her own unique, vibrant and visual style of capturing and presenting ideas and information using a big picture format. Her large graphics have captivated, intrigued and inspired large and small audiences in the UK and abroad. Her way of capturing and presenting information in a visual way by combining words, simple graphics and colour helps to improve people’s understanding, communicate messages more effectively and bring ideas and information to life!

steveSteve Berry is our expert when it comes to strategy or finance training; as well as our original introduction to accelerated learning. Steve is a former finance director and an international MBA lecturer, executive trainer and author who specialises in training business leaders.