Why choose us?

Communication is the key to achieving almost all things in life, & not just business. At Stellar Learning we believe increasing the effectiveness of training and communication with Brain Friendly approach has a dramatic effect on the amount of information retained and therefore increases your return on your investment in training, presentations and communication.

Key to every organisations success is developing people to perform better, and possibly the best way to do this is to increase the effectiveness of communication & understanding.

Why make your messages sticky?

Think how many times a day your people have to communicate successfully to complete their role

What happens if their messages aren’t sticky? Superb communication skills are as vital as technical know-how because if your people don’t get their messages across to colleagues, clients and partners, it reduces effectiveness across your entire organisation; compliance, productivity and profitability all suffer.

Tell-tale signs your organisation has communication issues:

  • Processes/jobs taking too long to complete
  • New employees slow to grasp the way your company operates
  • Poor staff retention
  • Underperforming sales teams
  • New products or services yield little return

What would it mean for your business, if your people did improve their communication skills?

Stella Learning are experts in communication skills and making messages ‘sticky’ and we want to share that knowledge with you, so your people work better together.

Using insights from psychology, neuroscience and marketing, we help you understand:

  • how people process information
  • what influences and persuades people
  • which language has the most impact on them

We teach communication skills in the same way as you learn to drive or play a sport. We break down complex communication skills into simple processes that your people will find easy to digest, implement and remember.

What’s more, using our brain friendly training methods people retain an average of 75% of what they learned. That’s compared to an accepted industry standard of 20% remembered after 24 hours. *
Call us today to discuss how we can help improve communications skills within your business.

* Click on the link to find out more on our research how to stop people forgetting what you tell them

You are protected by our 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee because we believe our workshops offer excellent value. If having completed all parts of the programme, the stated aims have not been met and you have given us an opportunity to put it right, we will refund your fees. In return we also appreciate your feedback, so that we can learn too.

PLUS….. you are protected by our Substitute Policy
If you find you are unable to attend after booking, we will welcome a substitute to take your place. If this is not possible, then our cancellation policy will apply.

If a confirmed booking is cancelled, cancellation charges will be made as follows:

• up to 10 working days before delivery = 100% of quoted workshop rate.
• up to 28 working days before delivery = 25% of quoted workshop rate. (to enable us to cover venue costs).